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Simple flat regular shaped building sites, tight urban infill lots, or pie shaped cliffside locations, serrao design | Architecture can make even a challenging low value site into a valuable asset. 

When considering a location or site, serrao design | Architecture can help you assess the viability and the potential for the type of home you would like.  It's never to early to bring in an Architect.


New Urban-Infill Modern Courtyard Home


An oasis in the city, this modern home is focussed around an inner courtyard.  A large walls of glass pockets into a warm wood wall easily allowing for inside-outside living. This home is a case-study for sustainable and energy efficient design.


serrao entry
living in and out

home designed + built by serrao design | Architecture

photos by Kat Alves

New Urban-Infill Pavilion for Artists


This artist-in-residence home was conceived as an open (pavilion-like) space set in the middle of a garden. Set within a dense urban condition, exposed masonry walls are gathered along the property lines with full height glass walls bridging between. An expressive wood roof floats above, allowing the interior space to open freely to the gardens.





Challenging lot, simple solution.


This new home sits perched atop a steep cliff with views stretching from the bay to the ocean but too steep for a yard. Two distinct bars, positioned in response to the pie shaped site and the natural topographic features, splay out towards the view while physically connected by a glass volume.

The glass volume both joins and separates the functions associated with the two bars. The forward volume captures the Northern light for the artist's painting studio located within.



A few extras


Please give us a call to make an appointment to see more projects designed by serrao design | architecture.


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